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Salvation for a race, nation, or class must come from within. Freedom is never granted; it is won. Justice is never given; it is exacted.”                                                        A. Philip Randolph

The mission of North Carolina A. Philip Randolph Institute is to improve the quality of life for economically disadvantaged families by providing the necessary resources that improve their standard of living, foster self improvement, self empowerment, and self sufficiency.

What We Support Today

  • Civil rights, strong anti-discrimination measures and affirmative action
  • Policies to promote a decent wage, high growth, full employment economy
  • Labor law reform and worker health and safety protections
  • Decent minimum living standards for all, including anti-poverty programs, a fair minimum wage and a comprehensive “safety net”
  • Universal, affordable health care
  • Family leave and child care
  • Progressive and fair tax policies
  • International workers’ rights and fair trade Education and training programs
  • Education and training programs

Our History

photo of A. Phillip Randolph

A. Phillip Randolph

To A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin, APRl’s co-founders, the fight for workers’ rights and civil rights were inseparable. Randolph (1889-1979) was the greatest black labor leader in American history and the father of the modern American civil rights movement. Rustin (1912-1987), a leading civil rights and labor activist and strategist, was the chief organizer of the historic 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and Randolph’s greatest protégé. Randolph and Rustin forged an alliance between the civil rights movement and the labor movement.

Bayard Rustin, co-founder of APRI

Bayard Rustin

They recognized that blacks and working people of all colors share the same goals: political and social freedom and economic justice. This Black-Labor Alliance helped the civil rights movement achieve one of its greatest victories – passage of the Voting Rights Act, which removed the last remaining legal barriers to broad black political participation. Inspired by this success, Randolph and Rustin founded A. Philip Randolph Institute in 1965 to continue the struggle for social, political and economic justice for all working Americans. APRI is an Organization of Black Trade Unionist and Community Activists to Fight for Racial Equality and Economic Justice for all Americans.

Clayola Brown, President of APRI

Clayola Brown

Today, APRI is led by President Clayola Brown whose vision and energy has sparked a new beginning for our organization and for the movement as a whole.




Mary Montford, President of NCAPRI petitioning

Mary Montford
President of NCAPRI

North Carolina A. Philip Randolph Institute, Inc. is the State Chapter of APRI and is led by President Mary K. Montford.

Please read more about our programs and contact us if you would like to become an active member in the fight for justice.                                       Mary Montford



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